I experienced lasting and dynamic healing after just one session with Amanda. Because of her ability to see clearly, we were able to pinpoint some deeply rooted conditions that were no longer serving, and she was both skilled and attuned enough to facilitate an extraordinary release of unwanted energy. I am personally so grateful for the gifts she has cultivated, and so inspired by her compassionate care for others. 

          Emily H.

 Amanda is a star priestess who helped me through some of the hardest points in my life. I went to her after I hurt my arm and almost immediately after it was healed. I went to her for a injured hip, it was hurt so bad I could barely walk, after 2 weeks I could walk ease-fully again. I also went to her after a difficult breakup, after the session I felt free and independent. With Amanda's help my body and heart has been rapidly renewed and uplifted. I am very grateful for her presence.

          Corwin M.

  Amanda's ability to see the root causes of blocks, hidden traumas and read the situations accurately are phenomenal! She has released major blocks out of my energy field, erased traumas and programming and much more. It is difficult to express in words the dynamic abilities of this gifted young woman. I highly recommend her. Her work with me has been life changing, and I am eternally grateful! 
         Cathie M. 

 It's as if being a high-level psychic is effortless to Amanda, the ease with which she can instantly tune into your frequency and uncover patterns under the surface of your consciousness is astounding. I've had the pleasure of having a number of readings done by Amanda. Each time she's been able to tune into blocked memories or emotions right behind the veil and help me clear them permanently. Very grateful for her work! Would not be where I am without her.  

          Daniel Z.

 Amanda is by far one of the most gifted and accurate psychics I have ever come across. Her gentle, generous and heart-centred energy helps immediately put you at ease and her insightful wisdom is always spot on! Her powerful psychic healing abilities have helped me through some very difficult times and I truly believe she is a gift to this world!!            

          Sophie N.