You are a beautiful being! An energy healing can help you release anything that keeps you from fully being you. Energy blocks can result in challenging emotions, feeling stuck, or feeling disconnected from your deepest self. Often, the root causes of our most difficult patterns and emotions are stored deep within the psyche. My technique allows me to access the original causes of life's current challenges. Releasing these deep pains allows for your truest self to shine through. Receive an energy healing and find connection, meaning, and peace. Realign with your most radiant self.

Energy Healing - $70 per one hour session

During an energy healing, I can hone in on the issue of your choice or use my intuitive guidance to heal what your soul is requiring. I am able to see and facilitate the release of the original sources of unconscious patterns, unhealthy choices, and who and what you are currently attracting into your life. An energy healing can help you reconnect to your abundance, creativity, self-love and connection with others.

$ Packages

4 sessions for $240 - $60 a session

8 sessions for $440 - $55 a session