About Me

My Story

I have been deeply intuitive since childhood, always feeling deeply, and sensing more than everyone around me. I have always been able to feel what others were feeling, and to tune into their consciousnesses. My years studying this work have helped me tune into a frequency and technique that allows me to use my natural intuitive nature to heal myself and others.

I found my way to this work during a turbulent spiritual awakening. I was ungrounded and felt totally helpless to deal with what felt like overwhelming problems, and a deep sadness that I did not understand. My spiritual nature and abilities as a natural empath also came with their own difficulties.

Through the energetic healing I received studying this work, I found grounding, clarity, and my true vibration- my true essence. I shed all the things that weren't mine. The trauma and programming that occurred over lifetimes that kept me from my true nature.

This work has done more for me than I would have ever thought possible. I have released so much of what was holding me back, keeping me from being fully me. With every healing I receive and give, I sink deeper into my true self, my true energy, and my health. I have found my spiritual awakening has become grounded and joyful. 

I am so profoundly grateful for this work, and so grateful for the opportunity to bring others the same gift.